Blue ice paddling on Svalbard

Paddling along the ice flotes, just beside the blue glacier front is something special to experience. Seals and belugas are not uncommon in this fjord.

About Spitsbergen
On Spitsbergen you never know how the weather will turn out. But one thing is for sure; it’s going to be an adventure!

You might be driving your snowmobile somewhere out in the wilderness of Spitsbergen, with blue sky above and the sun shining on your face, when suddenly you find yourself up in a whiteout in the next valley. In the summer you might be doing the same thing while hiking, when suddenly a blinding fog rolls in. A few hours later, the sun is back – just in time for the lunch break.

We reserve the right to make changes to the program, and the price. The day to day program is indicative, and changes may occur. Please have a look at our terms and conditions. 

You need a travel and health insurance, that also includes transportation back to your country. Remember to bring your insurance card/information. 

In Spitsbergen, weather conditions can change quickly. We can meet heavy winds, storms, and thick fog. This means we might need to make changes to the planned route, and this can cause us not to reach all the destinations we have described in the program.

We will sail through some areas with high density of wildlife, but we cannot guarantee any wildlife encounters, as the migratory pattern changes throughout the season and from day to day.

Minimum: 4 persons
Age limit: 15 years

Day by day


Day before: Meet the guide in the reception at 4 pm to go through program and equipment.
Meet our guide at 8 am. After dressing in rescue suites, we start the boat safari towards Billefjorden and Nordenskiöld Lodge. On the way, we might see some arctic wildlife, like puffins, seals or even belugas. After a while we will arrive to the inner part of Billefjorden, where we will find our Nordenskiöld Lodge in the middle of the glacier moraine, right at the front of the mighty Nordenskiöld glacier. This will be our basecamp for the next 4 days. We will settle into our rooms and enjoy lunch on the terrace if the weather is good. The afternoon we will use to get familiar with our equipment and learn more about the kayaking techniques.


Nordenskiöld Lodge

Nordenskiöld Lodge


After breakfast, we can warm our muscles before dressing into the dry suites and heading back to the sea. Today to paddle along the bright blue glacier front to the other side of Adolfbukta. It is wonderful experience to paddle along the floating glacier ice. We might come across some seals lying on the ice and some curious individuals might even venture close to the kayaks to see who we are. Brucebyen, about 5 km from the Lodge, we get to the shore, stretch our legs and enjoy expedition lunch. Before the evening, we will return to the Nordenskiöld Lodge, warm up sauna and enjoy tasty dinner. Accommodation in double rooms at Nordenskiöld Lodge.


Nordenskiöld Lodge

Nordenskiöld Lodge


After the tasty breakfast, we will dress up to the dry suites and pack our kayaks. Our aim is to paddle towards north to Rundmosepynten, cross petuniabukta and continue to the Russian mining town Pyramiden. After starching our legs at this remote old mining town and enjoying expedition lunch in the ghost town, we will sit back to our kayaks and start our return trip back to Nordenskiöld Lodge. After a fresh day on the blue sea, warm dinner will taste better than ever. We will warm sauna in the evening and the most adventurous of us can try a quick swim in the ocean. Dinner and accommodation in double rooms at Nordenskiöld Lodge.


Nordenskiöld Lodge

Nordenskiöld Lodge


In the morning, we will head out to the sea for the last time. We will make a short trip to the glacier front, search for some seals or even see some belugas. We are back at the lodge for lunch and then it is time to pack out bags and head to the boat for our last boat safari towards Longyearbyen and civilization.

What is included in the trip?

Included in the trip

  • Activities, accommodation and meals according to the program
  • Transport to and from accommodation
  • Rescue suite, hat, gloves & goggles
  • Search- and rescue insurance

Not included in the trip

  • Flights
  • Airport shuttle
  • Drinks with meals
  • Accommodation in Longyearbyen
  • CO2 investment of NOK 250

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Children under 12 years: NOK


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