Bergen – The City Between the Seven Mountains

Published: 09/18/2018 Updated: 09/18/2018
Bergen, Norway’s second largest city is surrounded by mountains and is often called 'the city between the seven mountains'. 

It was the playwright Ludvig Holberg who felt so inspired by the Seven Hills of Rome, that he decided that his hometown must be blessed with a corresponding seven mountains – and locals still argue which seven they are.

The definition presently used by Bergen Mountain Hiking Association, which organizes an annual 7-mountain hike, is Lyderhorn, Damsgårdsfjellet, Løvstakken, Ulriken, Fløyen, Rundemannen, and Sandviksfjellet. Which mountains belong to the group is unclear, due to its origin (based on the mythical status of the number seven), and the fact that several of the mountains are part of the same mountain massif.

Ulriken, with its 643 meters, is the highest one. It’s one of the most popular hikes in Bergen, but you can also ride the gondola Ulriksbanen to the top. There you will find both the resturant Sky:Skraperen and Norway's fastest zipline!