Glittertind – Almost the Highest Mountain in Norway

Published: 09/18/2018 Updated: 09/18/2018

Glittertind is the second highest mountain in Norway, at 2,465 m above sea level, including the glacier at its peak.

Glittertind had earlier been a challenger for the title as the highest mountain in Norway, as measurements showed Glittertind including the glacier was slightly higher than Galdhøpiggen (2,469 m above sea level with no glacier at the summit). In a 1917 official map, the mountain was indicated to be 2481, so it was a matter of defining a glacier as a part of a mountain or not. The glacier has, however, shrunk in recent years, and the dispute has been settled in Galdhøpiggen's favour. 

The summit of Glittertind was reached for the first time in 1841 by Harald Nicolai Storm Wergeland and Hans Sletten and is now easily accessible from Spiterstulen lodge in the west, by a climb of 1300 m, and from Glitterheim lodge in the east, by a climb of 1000 m. The hike from Glitterheim is the easier, but Glitterheim is inside the National Park and can therefore only be reached by foot. 

The Glitterheim lodge offers small toboggans you can borrow on your hike, this way you can decend most of the mountain by toboggan. Be careful though, it’s pretty steep!