Hammocks – How To Sleep Well

Published: 09/18/2018 Updated: 09/18/2018

The hammock is a hit. It's easy to carry, and you can actually have a good night's sleep in it.

Here are five steps to sleeping well in a hammock.

1. Get a hammock made of nylon. Look for hammocks made of parachute nylon, as they will be the most comfortable to lay in for a long period of time. Avoid hammocks made of rope or slats, as they can cause discomfort and rope burns.

2. Check that there is a deep curve in the hammock. The hammock should not be suspended too tight, as this can make it difficult to relax in while you sleep.

3. Remember to bring a sleeping pad to insulate and increase your comfort. Treat the hammock like a bed and include comforting details like a small pillow and a warm blanket. You can also have an extra pillow on hand to elevate your knees if you want lower back support.

4. Have a tarp and mosquito net on hand for protection from wind, rain and bugs. 

5. Enjoy your night outside with a good book or some good friends!