Svalbard – Glaciers and Ice Caves

Published: 09/18/2018 Updated: 09/18/2018
Have you ever wondered what it looks like inside the ancient ice?

Today, approximately 60% (36,600 km2) of Svalbard’s landmass is covered by glaciers. This equates to a total volume of ice of approximately 7000 km3. The largest glaciers are situated on Edgeøya, Barentsøya and Nordaustlandet.

Svalbard’s glaciers contain countless passages formed by the melted waters leading to fascinating ice caves. Luckily for us, it’s possible to visit some of these. Equipped with a headlamp, crampons and a helmet, you can enter this calm and silent world and see the beautiful blue colours, icicles and snow crystals. The ice and rock formations are astonishing, but be aware that you may have to crawl at certain places.