Responsible travel

By always providing local guides, we can guarantee a successful experience for you. Knowing the area and the current conditions is the most important in order to safely challenge and educate our guests.
we work where we live. This means little traveling for the guides, limiting pollution and also the prices on our tours.

In many of our tours we have local connections and support small traders and local food and accommodation providers in the villages.

Leaving no traces:
We implement a ‘leave no trace’ policy at all times. After showing you to the most beautiful places, there will be no sign that humans have been there (except for the present trails and of course your ski tracks drawing esthetic lines.

Culture and tradition:
Operating in various parts of Norway, we take into account the local traditions and promote the local culture.

Minimizing the use of vehicular transport: We try as well as possible to use public transport instead of private transport. Sometimes it is even convenient to get there by foot.